Antonio Righetti

Water Hole Express Tour Band


Artist Bio

My music has his birth from my two main passions, music and words. I play bass from twenty years and I've always been obsessed with the secret relationship beetween music and words. In my music you'll find suggestions taken from the many writers who has been my brothers, everyone tellin' me how near are music and books, there can't be music if you fail listenin' to books, it doesn't matter if you see it, it's written down. No matter what movement you like, music is in the words of Kerouac, Hemingway, Dostojevsky, Henry Miller, Marcel Proust and beautiful words are in the music of the Band, Little Feat, Johnny Cash, John Cage......; we recorded these songs live in studio, without changing nothing, trying to accept the mystery in music, so near to the mystery of life.

From when I began to play I've always believed that the real strength of every artistic experience it's the interior necessity, it doesn't matter in which field you operate, you can be a writer, a songwiter, a designer, an architect, a movie director... it's all linked with your need to share your personal idea of beauty. I have had the lucky to play with a lot of great musicians, from Willy De Ville to Elliott Murphy, from Robert Gordon to Mick Taylor, from Luciano Pavarotti to Luciano Ligabue, from Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate fame to Ritchie Kotzen guitar maestro; and many others, in studio and live, in Italy, Europe and United States; if i think to what this has left inside me i can say that is the acceptance of the Mistery of music, his power to make the strings of soul vibe, the love for music in all his mood and way.

2009 has been rich in music and in meeting interesting musicians from al lover the world, I've toured Canary Islands twice this year, first as bass player for the Jimi Hendrix Tribute with Uli Jon Roth and Ritchie Kotzen on guitar then in the band of L.A. based blues woman Kellie Rucker. I've also taken part to the Bob Dylan only world gig of Steve Wynn's Play Bob show in Marina di Ravenna, where we had as special guest Robyn Hitchcock soon it twill be released a dvd from that night. I have toured Italy as bass player in Willie Nile Band. I've been in the studios doing my songs for the follow up to Smiles & Troubles and I have produced two new songwriters that will released in 2010.