Band Hall Overhaul

Like so many band programs, Watertown High School needed to upgrade to equipment that would last long-term. Hercules had a plan that would optimize their rehearsal experience for years to come.

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Music Stands & Accessories

I want to teach in this environment. I want to make music in this environment. That’s what I see when I walk in this room.

-Scott Corley, Band Director
Student using accessory tray

I'm seeing more and more of student's cell phones face down because of the accessory trays, and I'm seeing less of hiding them behind the stands.

Scott Corley, Band Director

Our old stands would get stuck and would not pull up. With the new Hercules stands, it's very quick. You press the yellow button and it moves on its own. Boom. It's just there!

11th Grade Tuba Student

Student Adjusting Music Stand
Clarinet Player with Music Stand and Accessory Tray

If you look around the room, I'm starting to see more of my students getting pencils and that's kind of a big deal. They're using the accessory trays for whatever they can, like water bottles. I'd rather them do that than treat the floor like it's a trashcan.

Scott Corley, Band Director

You're in the middle of a performance and clank. The mute goes clanking on the floor when they set it down. The mute clip-on stand accessory is padded. You just take it and set it in there and they're good to go.

Scott Corley, Band Director

Music Stand with Accessory Tray and Mute Holder
Music Stand with Mallets and Cymbal

We use the accessory tray for drum sticks, mallets and chime mallets. Using these stands has helped me to be a better percussionist. I dont have to run off to find sticks. They're right in front of me!

12th Grade Percussion Student

Music Stand with Accessory Tray and Chimes

With percussion, a lot of our instruments are right in front of us and they're stopping me from getting to my stand easily. Now I just have to use the button and pull it up with one hand. I don't have to move anything or have a fear of knocking something over.

12th Grade Percussion Student

Music Stand with Accessory Trays and Temple Blocks
Learn more about the BS200BPLUS Symphony Stands, HA103 Accessory Trays, and the HA100 Mute Holder.
Music Stand with Instrument Pegs and Phone Holder
For All Practice Needs
I like this stand because it's portable and it's pretty convenient. Most instruments can go in there and use the instrument pegs. They can have their cellular metronome set up using their phone. The stand also has wire clips on it so if they're in some parent's space, kids can go outside and practice.

-Scott Corley, Band Director
More about the BS301B Orchestra Stand with Foldable Desk and Swivel Legs, DS504B Piccolo Peg, DS602B Flute/Clarinet Peg, DS501B Trumpet/Cornet Peg, DS503B Soprano Sax/Flugelhorn Peg, and the DG207B Smartphone Holder.

Instrument Stands & Accessories

We do breathing exercises pretty regularly. Instead of, when we stand up, hearing instruments clanking on the chairs or on the floor, they just set them on their stands. Having these instrument stands is probably going to save us some money in repairs.

-Scott Corley, Band Director
Flute on the DS543BB Combo Stand

They'll sit here with their knees tight together and the instrument, either a flute or piccolo in their lap, and then they go switch out. That can be tricky. Having a stand right there makes a world of difference.

Scott Corley, Band Director

Bassoon Player with DS561B Stand

I was known to be a clumsy one, dropping my instrument on the ground. With the Hercules bass clarinet stand, it helps a lot because holding my instrument hurts my fingers, especially my thumbs.

12th Grade Bass Clarinet Student

Alto Sax on DS530BB Stand

I really hate seeing those instruments with all those keys sitting in a chair or sitting on the floor. I've seen them get kicked. I've seen all kinds of things. The saxophone stand is saving me a lot of heartache just looking at it.

Scott Corley, Band Director

Trumpet on DS510BB Stand

Whenever we got up to do something, they either set their trumpets on a chair or the floor. Either one of those are recipes for bad things happening. So now they stick them on the stands and they're a lot more visible so people walking by don't just accidentally kick them or step on them.

Scott Corley, Band Director

Tuba on a DS553B Stand

With the Hercules tuba stand, it keeps the weight off my lap so I can play longer. It’s really helpful for me.

11th Grade Tuba Student

Tuba on a DS552B Stand

It gets the weight off of the bell using the display stand. Any time we were going to put our instruments down and do something like set the instrument on the bell, things can bend, and flatten. So I love that. And they use them!

Scott Corley, Band Director

DS800B Percussion Table

We typically used a beat-up old stand flattened out with the towel on it. Having a nice table with foam on it for them to sit their stuff on is real nice to have back there.

Scott Corley, Band Director

SS710B Speaker Stand

The speaker stands have taken a lot of stress off of me that I didn't realize I had, but it got rid of a lot of the clutter. Now I can get to my board, which is nice. I had to slide out the old cart, and go slide behind there to write on the board any time I needed something. And the speaker stands look good. That's always a plus.

Scott Corley, Band Director