Dado Sezzi

Sainato-Sezzi Duo


Artist Bio

Corrado ""DADO"" Sezzi

Dado was born in 1958 in Genova (Italy); after twenty years as an autodidact he majored in percussion at the Conservatory of Alessandria; starting from the Latin-American music, has widened the field with the Songwriters (he had tours and records with Giorgio Gaber, Gian Piero Alloisio, Max Manfredi, Maurizio Lauzi, etc.), the New Age (Giangi Sainato), the Jazz- Rock with, among others, the Scalinoscaleno group, Bob Callero Stick Band and Picchio Dal Pozzo) and the Folk-Traditional Music (with ""I Suonatori Delle Quattro Province"" and ""Birkin Tree""). It's remarkable his experience with orchestras such as the ""Big Band Scuola Jazz di Quarto"", the ""Orchestra Laboratorio"" of the Conservatory of Alessandria, the ""Impressive Ensemble"" and the ""Great Naco Orchestra."" He has worked - among others - with Armando Corsi , Vittorio and Aldo De Scalzi, Carlos el Rumbero (ex Gipsy King), Brazilian singer Marçia Maria, the Cuban violinist Alfredo De La Fe, the Marçio Ranger Brazilian guitarist and Taufic brothers.

He participated in the creation of incidental music for several performances in Stable Theatres of Genoa, Catania, Florence and Rome, and has collaborated with the Piccolo Regio in Torino and the Piccolo in Milano. Many are the recordings and instructional videos with him as protagonist and collaborator. In June 1997 he won the first ""PercFest Memorial Naco"" (international competition for creative percussionists) ensemble category in Laigueglia (Italy). In January 2013 he attended with the BANDAGABER the special episode of the TV show ""Che tempo che fa"" dedicated to Giorgio Gaber and in July of that year to ""FESTIVAL GABER"" of Viareggio (Italy).

He has been teaching drums and percussion privately since 1982 proposing permanents courses and internships. He is also endorser of LP for ethnic percussion, of REGAL TIP for drumsticks, of Mapex for drums and hardware, of UFIP regarding cymbal and metal percussions, of HERCULES for stands and of CVL DRUMS for FingerSnare2.