Kim Se-Hwang

Downtown, N.EX.T


Artist Bio

Since hitting the scene with his band, Downtown, in 1991, Se-Hwang has been one of the hardest working guitarists in the world. Currently working with K-Pop band, N.EX.T, solo artist, Korean TV personality, guest soloist, political activist, and educator he has collaborated/performed with such notable artists as Steve Vai, Wyclef Jean, Guthrie Govan, Victor Wooten, Muriel Anderson, Scott Henderson, Stu Hamm, Simon Phillips, Alex Skolnick, Lee Ritenour, Martin Taylor, Vinnie Moore, Steve Bailey, Mitch Forman, Jeff Bowders, Loudness, and many other world-renowned artists.

Se-Hwang Kim is currently based in L.A. producing, writing songs, recording guitars, and performing live based in L.A. He is also a member of Louie and the Legends, performing with members of James Brown Band, Parliament Funkadelic, Pfunk, Toto, Pink Floyd, and session recording musicians for Christina Aguilera, etc.. He is also a member of METal International (media, entertainment, and technology alpha leaders).

Se-Hwang proudly uses Orange Amplifiers, Boss Pedals, D’Addario Strings, AKG Microphones, and he trusts his Signature Gibson Guitar to Hercules Stands.