Mario Agostine

Mario Agostine & EPIC


Artist Bio

Guitarist / Composer for ""EPIC"" & ""MARIO AGOSTINE"" Label: Escape Proudly Endorsed by FMIC Fender/Jackson Guitars, EVH Amps, AMT Electronic,George L's cables,Hercules. Born under a fire sign, raised on the radio, and influenced by the guitar giants, Mario Agostine began writing and composing at a young age. His main stream influences began early on in the 80’s and 90’s and started building his technique and melodic playing on the footsteps of the legends. Described by his entourage as a “guitar player from hell”, Mario began his Musical journey in Paris in the 90's immediately imposing himself on the music scene with his distinctive musical style and sound. After the release of his solo Albums “Vertical Horizons” and “Perpetual Dreams” he co-formed the band ""Epic"" and they realeased the bands debut album ""Like A Phoenix""